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Health Program

Upcomnig projects:

  • Providing solar energy systems for dialysis centers.

  • Early detection of mental disabilities in children.

This project is regarded as one of the foundational stages of Hadhreen’s future ambition of establishing a Specialized Hospital for Children.

The projects objective:
Infrastructure renovation of the exiting facilities of the pediatric department at Soba University Hospital addition of specialized units.

What has been accomplished:

  1. Renovation and establishment of a pediatric Ward with a capacity of 6 beds allowing the Pediatric Respiratory Diseases unit (a new specialized unit) to deliver treatments and to accept and admit patients referred from various States in Sudan.
  2. Providing the respiratory diseases unit with medical equipment and devices allowing the unit to extend its services to ill children and their place of residence in different states of Sudan.
  3. Completion of maintenance and rehabilitation work for the lung function laboratory of the Respiratory Diseases Unit Pediatric Department which will be the first laboratory to provide accurate diagnostic services for this category of children in a government hospital in Sudan.
    Most of the equipment required for the laboratory was supplied by the unit’s management, and the rest is on the way, God willing to complete the provision of the service in an integrated manner.

مجمل ما تم إنفاقه: 5,805,889 ج.س

This project is regarded as another component of the foundational stages of Hadhreen’s future ambition of establishing a specialized hospital for children.

The project’s objective:
-Separating the Pediatric units from the adults’ services (operation rooms / intensive care unit), allowing the pediatric department to perform surgeries six days a week, instead of two days a week, resulting in shorter waiting lists.
-Localization of pediatric cardiac surgery in Sudan (in three phases)

What’s been accomplished:
– Establishing a separate intensive care unit with a capacity of six beds.
– A medical equipment supplier was contracted to provide several incubators and other relevant equipment for the neonatal intensive care unit.
Our Partners:
– Sudatel Group.
– Sadaqat Charitable Organization

As part of a smart partner

ship with Soba University Hospital, Hadhreen made available its bank accounts and accounting support to the hospital to collect and process donations on behalf of the hospital from inside and outside Sudan.

Intensive care units at public hospitals are understaffed and as a result are unable to function at full capacity due to lack of qualified nursing staff. This is attributed to low monthly wages, resulting in inability of intensive care units to retain its trained personnel.

The project’s objective is as follows:
Provision of supplementary monthly incentive payments to nursing staff.

Hospitals covered by the project:
– Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital (Adults).
– Ahmed Gasim Hospital – Department of Cardiac Surgery (Adults/ Pediatric).
– Soba University Hospital (Adults).