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"You are not Alone" campaign..

Since the start of the armed conflict between the Sudanese army and the so-called Rapid Support militias on April 15, 2023, Hadhreen and its partners launched “You Are Not Alone” campaign in order to support families and vulnerable groups affected in conflict areas.

The campaign included the following activities:

1- Support for care homes in Khartoum State (cash/food supplies/medicines and daily consumables).
2- Direct support to affected families in Khartoum State (cash/food supplies).
3- Direct support to Sudanese refugees in camps at Adre in Chad (food supplies).
4- Supporting the central kitchens initiative in the neighbourhoods of Khartoum State (food supplies).

The number of beneficiaries Direct, Individuals
The number of beneficiaries indirect, Individuals
Direct, Families
Total amount spent so far

"You are not Alone" campaign..

Is an alliance comprised of several organizations and initiatives that have agreed to come together and take responsibility for the treatment of those injured in the events that followed the military coup on October 25, 2021. This includes the provision of direct healthcare in Sudan and the funding of treatments abroad if needed. The campaign also works at providing direct financial assistance to the families of our honourable martyrs.

Hadhreen’s teams were intrusted with the on-the-ground implementation, which comprised the following:

-Contracting with a variety of medical institutions both inside and outside Sudan to offer medical care till full recovery

-Purchasing and supplying medications, consumables, and medical equipment.

-Direct financial assistance to the families of the wounded.

-Providing transportation for wounded individuals to different medical locations outside Sudan, as well as accommodation and sustenance expenditures.