Hadhreen org

Hadhreen started as an initiative by a small group of Sudanese youth in 2015. Since its inception it continued to work in a variety of sectors, most notably Emergency response, health, and in supporting vulnerable groups.

It was formally registered as a Non- governmental organisation with the Sudanese authorities in August of 2021.

In the first half of the year 2022 with the continuation of the protests against the 25th of October coup, Hadhreen decide to reduce it activities by continuing its monthly recurrent activities but to cease its involvement in any other projects to focus solely on the care and treatment of those injured during the protests in addition to providing financial support to the families and dependents of the martyrs who gave their lives. This was with the exception of those projects that were fully funded by external sponsors.

National organization with international standard.

To be a model for other national NGOs and initiatives in the performance governance assure the best optimum utilization of the available resources to serve the target groups .


To achieve global sustainable development goals. 

To mitigate the emergency and disaster effects.

To promote justice and social protection in support of vulnerable groups in the society (orphans, persons with disabilities and women).