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Feeding Program

Dialy Iftar Project- Ramadan

The projects objective is to prepare and distribute nutritional Ramadan meals and breakfast tables, as well as Sahoor meal for fasting people throughout the holy month (free of charge). Additionally, food assistance was offered to several groups and institutions in the capital Khartoum.

Beneficiaries: -Healthcare workers and staff of covid-19 treatment centers and supportive health units in Khartoum and Medani, as well as doctors messes and canteens in Khartoum North and Khartoum.

-Healthcare workers and stuff of public hospitals in the capital Khartoum (directed support).

-Inmates at Khartoum’s boys Reformatory (Cooper juvenile Reformatory) and soba prison (directed support).

-University students dormitory houses in Khartoum’s capital.

-Patience companions at Khartoum’s government hospitals and various other cities (Port Sudan, kasslla, Atbara, Rabak, Umm rawaba & Dongola) in collaboration with local organizations and initiatives.

-Passengers and pedestrians in the vicinity of Khartoum’s landport area.

-Khartoum’s University’s Medical Complex.

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Food Charity Project

The traditional custom of sacrificing a sheep is widely practiced by Sudanese people of a variety of occasions, throughout the year in addition to sacrificial Feast Day of Eid al-Adha. The sole intention of the sacrifices is the charitable distribution of the meat to persons in need. The food charity project was conceived in response to increasing demands and requests reaching Hadhreen from Sudanese families, particularly from outside Sudan to deliver the meat of this sacrifices to people most in need and to vulnerable groups.
In this project following a monetary donation, Hadhreen undertakes the entire process of purchasing slathering and preparing and distributing the Quranic schools students and the children’s Cancer Home, which is affiliated with the Kullana Giyyam organization.

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